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The Secretary’s Bossman Bargain: Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

This book, my first Desire, was an adventure to write. Adventure in the sense of me, while immersed in this wonderful story, bravely struggling to adjust my vision of the book to something that would do justice to the wonderfully provocative Desire line. Believe me when I say this was no easy feat when you start with a stubborn hero like mine!

Marcos is a ruthless man, and so stubborn he wouldn’t bend to my ideas no matter what I did or said. He always won. Powerful in character and in will—he’s determined to get what he wants and he always gets his way. But despite the constant headaches from the man, I realized there was always one constant in him. No matter what he did, or where he was, or what I demand that he do, Marcos wanted Virginia with a passion. A passion that could make any woman, even this author, tremble.

As I wrote, I learned to see our heroine, his lovely assistant Virginia, through his eyes. And boy, how I grew to admire Virginia’s quiet strength! Just to work for her powerful boss and remain sane seems like a Herculean task. And where I, author and supposed master of this story, failed to domesticate our billionaire hero, Virginia succeeded with her quiet loyalty and determination to get ahead in life.

Her boss wants her. He always has. He wants her bad enough to help her, bad enough to bend for her. He wants her bad enough that, this time, Marcos Allende will get more than he bargained for.

I hope you enjoy!!