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The Satin Sash: Between the Lines

It started with a sash…
I absolutely love flimsy, pretty things. Although I’d been thinking for quite some time about the characters in The Satin Sash, the idea of incorporating the sash in this book came to me on a trip to Chicago. The very day I fell in love with a beautiful red sash I spotted at Saks Fifth Avenue. A girl can dream, right?

Richard GereWell instead of dreaming that it was this red author who got lucky and acquired that delicious piece of cloth for herself, I pictured one of my lead characters, Grey Richards—powerful, rich and sexy—striding into the luxurious store in his sharp black Armani to purchase both the glamorous red dress and the matching sash for his woman.

Picture the perfect aloofness and the slow smile of Richard Gere in ‘Pretty Woman’ as he allows Julia Roberts, er, more exactly Vivian, to shop until she dropped? That’s what I pictured Grey doing that day—and from then on, the sash took on a new meaning.

The sash came to mean more to them than just a gift. It meant: I am dedicated to you, I want you, I care.

So what happens when our heroine loses possession of it?

Well, I assume you’ve found out!

The Setting…
Chicago seems like the perfect setting for a drama. The city is busy, beautiful, and sexy. The wind is so wild it comes at you no matter what direction you take. It abused my hair, my clothes, and my skin, and I still loved it. I can’t think of a better place to live and fall in love. As my family and I roamed the city, I also became a fan of Navy Pier. Fun and games for everyone and with a magnificent view of Lake Michigan. So where would these three interesting characters escape for a bit of ‘adult’ fun but somewhere secluded and yet also breathtaking?


Los Cabos is unparralleled to me, as far as Mexican beaches are concerned. The sun is always blazing, but there’s frequently fresh breeze to cool you off, and there are few words to describe the blue of the water and the powdery white of the sand. I could pack my bags and move to Los Cabos forever, that’s how much I doted on it when Mr. Red took me, the kids, and my in laws for our first visit several years ago. I do so love my Mr. Red.

Los CabosLos Cabos

The Romance…
And Grey, Toni, and Heath thoroughly enjoyed their weekend together. Attraction is an internal chemistry – proven to stem from the brain. And yet it is the visual images which usually bring us that first awareness. Eyes, lips, mouths. A weekend dedicated to pleasure where you can let your senses bloom, allow yourself to become conscious of the silence around you so that you can hear yourself think and feel and experience, seem like the ultimate luxury for anyone. One little sash, but one big choice for all three of them.

Let go of your reservations…
It would be nice if life could stop once in a while so we could enjoy pleasurable sensations to the fullest. Maybe your time will stop just for a little bit, enough for you to fully delve into this unconventional love story.