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The Feather: Between the Lines

The Feather is a unique, mystical story that came to me in a dream. The kind of dream where everything is a blur, but you know what you feel so clearly…

I have always believed that we all have someone that is ‘The One’. When we meet them, our attraction to them is indescribable. Why? Do we recognize them? And why are we sometimes afraid to recognize our ‘soul mates’ for what they are?

These sorts of questions haunted me while I explored the theme in The Feather.

In The Feather, Meredith Sinclair, our heroine, is incredibly attracted to her co-worker James Hamilton, and amazingly, James feels the same. Fighting such a strong pull is impossible, but when they succumb to their darkest, deepest desires, the problems begin.

Deep down, Meredith doesn’t trust him, and she’s not sure why.

As she struggles to push past her boundaries and let go one wicked evening in James’s apartment, Meredith is transported by a mystical, mysterious feather back to one of their past lives.

She finds that James is a lord in Victorian England, and Meredith is a fallen woman: a woman of sin and decadent pleasure.

Their past relationship seems doomed from the start. But will these two star-crossed lovers repeat the same mistakes in the present? Will their dark, entwined past govern the future, too?

I had amazing, amazing fun writing this truly unique story. I’ve read none like it and hope that you’re able to truly delve into the magic and enjoy!

I’ve even let myself fantasize about a Feather movie. Mr. Red teases me about it and asks me who I’d cast as Meredith and James if there were one made… and, oh, all right! I have to share. My picks are:

Amy AdamsAiden Turner

Aiden Turner and Amy Adams! Imagine them together – in both past, present, and future? Sigh!!