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Paper Marriage Proposition: Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

We’ve all made mistakes in our lives. Some minor. Some big.

But what when those mistakes shape us for the rest of our lives and take the one thing we love most from us?

What if you chose the wrong husband and years later he takes away your son?

And what if nobody can help you get him back except a man whom you’ve always thought was an enemy?

These were the questions that popped through my mind as I wrote Beth and Landon’s story—a story I absolutely love.

Imagine having to ask your sworn enemy for a favor. How difficult it would be, how embarrassing, and how determined and desperate you’d have to be in order to go through with it.

Now, imagine your enemy’s ex-wife desperately attempting to bargain with you, and at the same time, stirring your long dormant lust.

Readers, meet Beth and Landon.

A woman who wants her son back.

A man who wants his life back.

Enemies joined by one common goal: revenge.

They’re both people who think they only have vengeance in their hearts. What surprise it would be, if they discovered they had something more…

I hope you enjoy their story!